This video interview as posted on POPPORN last Thursday but I didn’t realize that I was in it until today. To tell you the truth, I haven’t even watched it yet because I am sure I look really awkward and weird in it. AVN ’09 was my first time meeting the POPPORN crew in real life and my first time ever being on camera. Spock is so good at what he does I really had no idea what I should say or do once the camera was rolling.

But you should watch this video anyways, cause even if I look like a complete idiot in it, you’ve still got Stoya to pay attention to and she is totally awesome, gorgeous and not at all awkward.

Read the whole post HERE

So Exxxotica Miami came and went in one big blur. I spent 3 days at the booth signing up people to the mailing list and handing out tons of free porn. The booth was so freakin’ busy I barely had time take pictures and videos to show you guys. But I had a fair amount of people asking to take pictures of/with me, so I’ll keep posting stuff as I find it online. Regardless, I had a ton of fun: hanging out with the POPPORN crew, getting to see Joanna Angel, and getting talked into getting a very heinous spray-tan.


Spin the wheel, win a prize!


We love our electronics.


Sasha Gray and a shiny, spray tanned Josie Jacobs…

(top 2 pictures via Spock Buckton’s flickr)

and now… the only video I managed to filmduring the convention:

If you’ve been wondering why I haven’t updated all week, it is because I was working day shifts at the porn store all this week so I could have off today thru sunday for EXXXOTICA Miami.

If you are in South Florida you should come visit me at the convention today, saturday, and sunday. I’ll be with the POPPORN crew at booth #818. Kimberly Kane and Gianna Michaels will be signing and I’ll be there to give out free goodies!

Here are some picture’s from last year’s convention when I was Joanna’s assistant. You can see the rest over HERE.

I’m finally back up on POPPORN with another dispatch from my porn store:

With the economy in the shitter right now, business at my porno store has been kind of slow. We still have a steady stream of renters but they normally keep to themselves, leaving me pretty barren on the “crazy stories from my shop” front.

There’s a story that comes to mind about a weirdo customer that I guess is pretty out there…

For a long time we had a regular, we’ll call him “Samir”, who would come to the store about once or twice a week. He was a small man with a strange South African accent even though his name was Indian or whatever. He always wore the same outfit (a sort of safari-getup with NRA logos on everything, hat included). I pictured him having a closet full of all the same clothes, like a cartoon character. He would spend a long time in the store, normally buying some MILF magazines, a few weird used movies, and sometimes renting DVD… always in separate transactions….


new shoes

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i sort of have a problem…. a shopping problem! when i get upset i go shopping and this weekend i was upset. so i went out for a few hours to blow off steam and i came home feeling much much better. i bought a lot of stuff i didn’t need- underwear and shirts and leggings but most importantly NEW SHOES!

i’m mostly a jeans (well right now with the way the weather is, shorts)  and tee-shirt kind of girl but i have a weird thing for high heeled shoes… especially if they are shiny and black and super high! i don’t have many opportunities to dress up fancy, so i have a closet full of sexy shoes that i barely ever wear… . and on sunday i added to the collection with what i think now are my favorite heels EVER.


they are very “slutty secretary” which is by far my favorite look since with the glasses and all i tend to fit it well :)

but it’s not all rainbows and unicorns in josie land – i ended up blowing all my extra cash on the shoes and i’m too in love with them to return them. (stupid girl drama!)  i had originally gone “therapy shopping” to pick up a few new bathing suits but obviously i got a little sidetracked. my friend Noahped Photography is going to be in town for Exxxotica Miami next week and we were planning to do a photoshoot of me on the (topless) beach. phooey! maybe you’d like to buy me a  forever 21 or victoria’s secret gift card so i can pick out a new suit to wear on the shoot? i’d be sooooo happy!

P.S. Thanks so much to everyone who voted for me in the IndieUndies poll. I ended up winning and I’ll be sending in some new undie pics (and maybe evn some video!) to the site ASAP!

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