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31 Aug

Fans of girls in their underwear take note! My friends over at have launched a new and improved version of the site. Now instead of just drooling over girls showing off their cute panties, now you can comment on their pictures, read their blogs and status updates, and be their friend once you make an account on the new social-networky version of the site!


Yup, that’s my butt featured on the welcome animation! So click here to see my profile and then sign up for an account so you can join in on all the fun!

New Puppy!

26 Aug

If you’ve been keeping up with my twitter you already know that we added a new member to my household on Friday when my roommate brought home a puppy. She’s a 3 month old mini dapple dachshundwho has yet to be named because my roommate can only think of horrible ones like Brekie and Cisum (music backwards) which get vetoed immediately. I’ve been calling her Lil – as in Lil’ Thang, Lil’ Baby, Lil’ Miss, and Lil’ Stinker.

Anyways, here’s the puppy. Ain’t she a cutie?



Now if only she was a little faster on the uptake when it comes to potty training….

stuff i love: eros silicone lube

21 Aug

What could become a continuing series, “Stuff I Love” is pretty self-explanatory. After working as long as I have in the jizz biz, I have a handful of favorite products that I am continuously suggesting to customers. I thought I might as well share my knowledge with you guys too!

Up first is Pjur Eros Original Bodyglide. It’s like the holy grail of lube. I’ve never found anything better and my customers agree. Once you start using it you will never go back to your old stuff again! I was introduced to this stuff my first week on the job and I’ve been hooked ever since.

Eros is silicone-based and made in Germany (“you know the germans always make good stuff”). It’s non-toxic, odor-free and tasteless, and feels totally awesome. It’s silky and velvety all at the same time. This stuff is super concentrated so one drop goes a long way and because it doesn’t dry up you never need to reapply – a little bottle can last you a very long time… (con’t at

So go buy some eros now…you will thank me later, I promise!

Picture 436


(and please leave your comments over there, too)

automated phone sex

20 Aug

My friend Derek always likes me send me funny messages to my phone like pictures of weird cars he sees or a video of the crazy stripper pole, fog machine and strobe light setup he found in a client’s living room. Over the weekend he sent me this hilarious audio file of a dude calling an automated phone sex line but he didn’t know where it came from.; someone had forwarded it to him. I did some quick googlin’ and found the original video. Enjoy!

Joanna Angel dancing in FL… and my new (toy) car

19 Aug

My ADD really kicked me in the ass last week. I was unable to concentrate on anything all all for more than 5 minutes, resulting in me not blogging…. boo! I suck, I’m sorry.

Anyways… Yesterday I tried to go to the beach, but as soon as I got there it started raining so I ended up going to the hobby shop instead and spending money I was supposed to be saving to pay for my utility bills. I picked up getting a really awesome ’62 Buick Electra 225 model kit. I painted the V-8 the color I picked for the car, “Fifties Aqua”, the roof will be white, and the whole thing will be finished off with a pearl clearcoat.

Picture 429

Ok, that was really nerdy so let’s end this blog entry with something a lot cooler… NAKED CHICKS! Joanna Angel is coming to Florida this weekend to feature dance in Ft. Myers and I’ll be there Saturday to hang out, take some video and pics for my blog, and hopefully get lots of boobs rubbed in my face. If you are in the area you should totally come hang out and give Joanna and the angels tons and tons of money, capiche?


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