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My Porno Vacation

27 Feb

It’s been a very busy few days. I arrived to LA early Wednesday morning and had brunch with Madison Mitchell and spent the rest of the day with Joanna Angel, Burning Angel Nova, and the Alex our art director. Around 10 the POPPORN crew picked me up and we headed to the hotel. Thursday was our first day of shooting and it was interesting to say the least. Been having fun… I’ll post a real update about whats been going on when I have more time to type. We have to go meet Danny Case/Pat Myne and Alektra Blue for dinner and then head to the Vivid-Alt party in Silverlake with Kimberly Kane, Ryan Keely, and Stevie Heart

me & ryan @ tootsie’s cabaret

23 Feb

last night i got to hang out with one of my favorite ladies ever, miss ryan keely. ryan was feature dancing in miami (if she ever dances near you, you seriously need to make sure to go. her shows are so hot!) and i surprised her by going on stage at the end of her first show…. and she surprised me back by makin out with me! and the club took a polaroid!


After the show we hung out in her dressing room and I got to film her twirling her pastie tassels. Wooo! I’m so bummed that we didn’t get to hang out more while she was in town but we will both be in LA later this week to shoot the POPPORN movie!

ryan’s tassels

EDIT: If you wanna read some more about my time with Ryan make sure to check out my latest post at POPPORN!

Do i have a secret admirer?

20 Feb

So I went out to dinner tonight with J and when we came home this giant heart-shaped balloon was just sitting in front of my car. I don’t know where it came from or who put it there. There’s always the chance it just sort of drifted there (weirder things have been seen in my neighborhood for sure) but the fact that it was placed directly in front of my car makes me think that someone put it there purposely.

Was it you, INTERNET, that put it there? How did you find out where I lived and why didn’t you leave a note? I appreciate it, really i do…. but it was really creepy!


18 Feb

i was meaning to post a nice-sized entry today talking about the strange valentines day weekend i had and my trip to the dog park and all these other things, but then i made the mistake of leaving my house to run errands and get lunch…. i got swamped with work when i got back and now i have only 3 minutes to get ready for my night job.

well anyways, last night j and i were planning on going to ride the wooden rollercoaster near us but we got there after they had shut it down. i had planned on taking some on-ride video with my cute little camera,but since we didn’t ride the coaster i didn’t get to. instead, i took a video of me chewing gum while waiting for the car to get gassed up. i kept looking backwards to check if j was coming to the car cause he’d probably laugh at me for what i was doing.

vlog #6

17 Feb

Alas, this is my final AVN video blog, taken while the rest of the crew was busy interviewing stars on the red carpet.

I’ll be recording a new batch of vlogs while in in LA next week while we shoot the first POPPORN movie, and hopefully Mr. Brian Bangs will be a little more timely when it comes to posting them on the youtube.

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