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31 Mar

A while ago I had the opportunity to model some teeshirts for my friend Ryan’s company, A-OK. It was a lot of fun and the most clothed photoshoot I had done up to that point (all previous modeling experience had involved being in some sort of lingerie for Hustle Hollywood in-store ads).

swords-womens-white2 l_68efa735402d7ce5240e6270a7196e8e

you can tell the pictures are from a while ago… my hair was so short!

Well Ryan just launched his new site design and I think it looks awesome so you should probably check it out HERE and buy some shirts if that is your thing. He also has a cool side-blog all about building a brand that is definitely worth a peek, complete with tee reviews and articles about marketing and that sort of thing.

Oh and if for some reason you want to live vicariously through me or feel like we have some sort of deep spiritual connection or something, both shirts that I modeled (which i rock all the time) are on sale for the low low price of $8.


Josie Jacobs… pinup girl?

27 Mar

I really wanted to try and get a ton of writing done today… I desperately owe POPPORN a new Porn Store Dispatch and I have a backup of toys to review before I can get some new ones sent to me. But instead of writing I got all sidetracked by youtube videos, mainly tutorials on doing pin-up styled hair and makeup.

I’d like to think of it as research and not totally wasted time. My main squeeze owns a chopped ’57 Ford Ranchero that is the love of his life.  She’s going to be going into his shop (he builds hot rods for a living) soon to get fixed up and I’d love to do so some pin-up styled photoshoots with the car once she is all gussied up!

p.s. don’t worry, that ugly mustang is not mine!!!!





KK and my foot

24 Mar

My last night in LA Kimberly Kane took Brain Bangs, Spock Buckton and I to a honky-tonk in the valley. We may or may not have had shots and drinks, but regardless, this happened.

a list

20 Mar

things i lost in LA:

  • my favorite hoodie
  • 1 thigh-high tube sock
  • my favorite belt
  • a normal sleep schedule
  • my favorite jeans
  • 2 packs of cigarettes
  • a job

8.5 minutes of your life you’ll be happy you can’t get back

19 Mar

Part 2 of POPPORN’s epic I KILLED ASHYLNN BROOKE series, “HAUNTED BY ASHLYNN BROOKE” was just posted over at POPPORN(dot)COM and it is fucking AWESOME.

Marvel at ghosts, superheros, boobs, meth dealers, and Pat Myne’s extremely white ass!

direct your comments HERE.
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