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My Brazzers debut… (sort of)

30 Aug

My Brazzers debut… (sort of)

While I was out in LA last month for my birthday I got a text from my good friend Ken Dark, a director for Brazzers. Another director who shoots here on the west coast, Just Dave, was looking for an extra and Ken offered my services (I’d been an extra on one of his shoots as well, but I don’t think it is up yet). I had some free time and I’m not one to turn down easy money so I agreed and a few days later I was driving out to Chatsworth, CA – kind of like the mecca of porn production – and arrived at a top secret location to lend my extra-special extra talents to a Big Tits At Work scene.

I sort of poked around the studio while I waited for the rest of the talent to show up, and I was very pleased to find out that the HILARIOUS Ashli Orion would be joining me as an extra. I signed some paperwork, showed my ID to prove that I was indeed over the age of 18, learned more than I ever thought was possible regarding anal-scene prep (hint: it involves liquid Immodium-AD), got felt up by Mick Blue and pretended to hate it, saw Erik Everhard‘s flacid ween, got handed a check and went on my merry way. All in all not a terrible way to spend a day and make some extra money.

brazzers bathroom!

So behold, my Big Tits At Work debut…

Mick and Erik are their firm’s most disgusting employees; pulling inappropriate, and crass, sexy pranks on most of their female co-workers. Well it ends now. Ms. Carrington is putting her foot down! The sleaziest of the two must be fired!

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STRANGE SEX TOYS: The Pogo Stick Dildo Thing (aka The Fantasy Glide)

9 Apr

fantasy glide fucking machine

pogo tweet


Last week I posted on twitter about a strange new product I had just gotten in at the porn shop where I work. I received more than a few @replies asking about it but I got really busy and anyways, it is hard to describe this thing in a mere 140 characters. The strange contraption in question is Pipedream Product’s “Fetish Fantasy Glide” and it is basically a spring loaded pogo-type stick with interchangeable dildos with which to fuck yourself. I did a little cursory research on the google machine for some more information and found this clip from the tv show “Talk Sex with Sue Johanson“. I am writing this blog at 2am and I think right now this adorable grandma and all around awesome lady can do a much better job explaining how the Fantasy Glide works better than I ever could.


I opened the Fantasy Glide up at work the other day to try and get a better idea of how the thing works and I’m still not really sure how I feel about it. I keep bouncing between. between “kind of interesting” and “kind of creepy” – I’m going to go with an equal mixture of both. What do you think?

fantasy glide fucking machine

Intrigued? The Fetish Fantasy Glide can be yours for a mere $117.57 over at

fantasy glide fucking machine

Oh and p.s., I tried looking for a video of it in use to show you guys but only found one of a dude using it on his butt and I didn’t think most of you would want to see that. So if you happen to come across any other Fantasy Glide videos please put the link a comment.

An American Werewolf in London XXX – so bad it’s good?

20 Feb

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Parody porn has been around for a very long time now (Edward Penishads is a timeless classic of the genre. The spagetti-eating scene gets me every time.) but in the past few years the genre has overtaken much of the market. While some of them have been quite good (Vivid’s Batman XXX is certainly a standout – click here to see my post about it) most have been pretty terrible. When I received the following trailer in my email at work I was perplexed… was the director completely unaware how terrible it was, did they simply not care if it was good or not, or were they trying to be bad on purpose? One of the fellow managers and I watched it a few times in a row, pausing and rewinding to replay certain parts and after multiple viewings we still weren’t sure.

BEHOLD…. AN AMERICAN WEREWOLF IN LONDON – A XXX PORN PARODY: click here for the windows trailer, here for the quicktime trailer, or here for the ipod/iphone version. I tried to embed it on here but the file was too big and i ran out of patience trying to compress it. And if you don’t feel like watching the video here are my favorite screengrabs from the trailer…

An American Werewolf in London – A XXX parody stars Jessie Andrews, Brett Rossi, Lexi Ward, Riley Jensen, Sophie Dee, and Valerie Fox, with Dane Cross, Anthony Rosano and Richie doing the dickin’.