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josie jacobs <3s ryan keely

31 Jan

i headed down to miami beach on tuesday to spend a wonderful day with ryan keely. we lounged by the pool, saw a man wearing a cartier speedo, watched awesomely bad reality tv, discovered that we are basically soulmates, and ate what i think is the best meal i’ve ever had. we went to dinner at michael’s genuine in the design district (if you ever visit miami, i suggest you make a reservation) and were served the kind of food you read about in fancy magazines or see anthony bourdain eat on television: beef cheeks, duck confit, rabbit paté, pork belly, and TONS more. the meal was basically orgasmic.

here’s a silly little video we took while we were out by the pool.

Ryan’s coming back down to visit (and feature dance @ Tootsies) in the middle of February. I can’t wait!!!!

AVN Vlog #3

28 Jan

And here is #3 as well! Speical off-camera voice cameo from POPPORN(dot)COM’s awesome videographer, Double D.

AVN Vlog #2

28 Jan

Vlog #2 from AVN/AEE in vegas went up on POPPORN(dot)COM’s youtube channel two days ago, but i forgot to post it.

Latex Dress

25 Jan

After an unsuccessful thrifting trip today with my pal Nicole, I decided to pop into The Fetish Factory to play dress up. I tried on and fell in love with this gorgeous gold latex dress (believe me- it looks a lot better in person than on shaky video in harsh fluorescent light). I couldn’t find my phone in my purse to take a picture so I decided to video myself in it instead. The dress is $200 and on hold until tomorrow, just in case i miraculously find $199 tonight. (I found a dollar on the ground earlier today!) Oh well, a girl can dream, right?

New review on POPPORN

21 Jan

New review on POPPORN

Click my butt to read my latest toy review (Art Deco Buttplug) at POPPORN.COM!

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