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i sort of have a problem…. a shopping problem! when i get upset i go shopping and this weekend i was upset. so i went out for a few hours to blow off steam and i came home feeling much much better. i bought a lot of stuff i didn’t need- underwear and shirts and leggings but most importantly NEW SHOES!

i’m mostly a jeans (well right now with the way the weather is, shorts)  and tee-shirt kind of girl but i have a weird thing for high heeled shoes… especially if they are shiny and black and super high! i don’t have many opportunities to dress up fancy, so i have a closet full of sexy shoes that i barely ever wear… . and on sunday i added to the collection with what i think now are my favorite heels EVER.


they are very “slutty secretary” which is by far my favorite look since with the glasses and all i tend to fit it well :)

but it’s not all rainbows and unicorns in josie land – i ended up blowing all my extra cash on the shoes and i’m too in love with them to return them. (stupid girl drama!)  i had originally gone “therapy shopping” to pick up a few new bathing suits but obviously i got a little sidetracked. my friend Noahped Photography is going to be in town for Exxxotica Miami next week and we were planning to do a photoshoot of me on the (topless) beach. phooey! maybe you’d like to buy me a  forever 21 or victoria’s secret gift card so i can pick out a new suit to wear on the shoot? i’d be sooooo happy!

P.S. Thanks so much to everyone who voted for me in the IndieUndies poll. I ended up winning and I’ll be sending in some new undie pics (and maybe evn some video!) to the site ASAP!

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  1. gen on May 7, 2009 12:52 pm

    those are waaaaay cute shoes!! always makes me feel better when i get upset too…makes my bank account feel worse though =/

    i kinda like more the ‘slutty librarian’ look ;)


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