Hey everyone. I’m going to be on THE DANGER SHOW radio show today! You can listen live at http://www.ACRN.com/ from 2-4pm EST. I’ll be calling in around 3pm. You can IM or call into the show too – AIM: TheLobster, Phone Line: 740-593-2276.

I have to run some errands before the show, so I guess my blog post about my awesome dinner with Stevie Hart is gonna have to get put on hold until tomorrow or something. Until then, here is a random bikini picture of me I found on my cell phone!


I had a couple of new posts planned out, half-written for today but I can’t really bring myself to finish anything. I’m not exactly in high spirits, to say the least. I generally try to NOT complain about this sort of stuff but…. my money situation got really bad really fast in just a matter of weeks. A few slow weeks of work, some unplanned expenses, and a delayed check has left me with $30 to my name. It’s hard to get excited about anything when you’re trying to figure out how you are going to pay your rent. And to top it off, the weather here in South Florida has been rainy dark and dreary for over a week now AND i got woken up at 5:30 to the sound of the Subaru’s alarm going off cause someone was trying to steal it! Needless to say, I need some cheering up and If you’d like to help you can always send lolcats and encouraging emails (or gift certificates to forever21, perhaps?) to me  [email protected]. And as always, the link to my amazon wishlist is on the right column of my blog, over there ;-) ——->

But ending on a more “posi” note, my newest porn store dispatch went live today!


zombie josieMy co-workers and I like to joke around that customers become zombies once they set foot in our porn store. Once normally functioning (or so I’d hope) human males, they become possessed by their undying love for naked ladies fucking on film. Their eyes glaze over, their brains turn to mush. They crave porn…PORN I TELL YOU!!!!… and they are unable to focus on anything else. These porno zombies, now consumed with their hunt for smut are unable to perform basic tasks, such as speaking in complete, coherent sentences or putting things back where they got them. Ask a porno zombie if they need any help or if they could please quit taking up a whole aisle by sitting cross legged on the floor like a kindergartner while drooling over the back covers of movies and all you will hear in return is a low, guttural grunt. Porno zombies lack basic math skills when it comes to paying for their precious movies and don’t respond when you tell them that they are short $10.36.

(read more…)

Hope you enjoy the dispatch… it was lots of fun to write!

Stevie Hart is more than just one of my top google analytics keywords (it’s true!)… she’s also my friend and I’m so psyched to see her this week. Stevie is coming down to Miami to shoot for Bang Bros. so we are finally going to have a chance to hang out again! Stevie and I met in vegas at the AVNs, bonded over some awesome pizza and had a lot of stupid, drunken fun while wandering around the hotel.

We got to hang out again in LA while we were shooting POPPORN’s Guide to Making Fuck and I got to watch her do her first solo scene (it’s going to be a bonus on the DVD).  Hopefully the weather will get better. It’s been monsooning down here and raitny south florida is just not as fun as sunny south florida. Regardless, we plan on taking lots of pics and videos!

Oh and Stevie is on the cover of the July 2009 issue of FOX Magazine which is on newstands now!



In other news, I just emailed Mr. Brian Bangs Porn Store Dispatch #6, so make sure to keep an eye on POPPORN.COM cause a little birdy told me it would go live tomorrow!

I just set up a new plugin on wordpress to make it easier to blog from my phone (sch-i760 if you’re curious), so i’m crosing my fingers and hoping this works. the only problem I can find right now is that I cannot post pictures thru here which really sucks.

I know i’ve beed a bad blogger this week and haven’t posted aything… I just needed to take a break from my computer for a bit before my fingers fused with the keyboard and I became one with my laptop.

i’m currently at work at the porn store typing this up between customers. the last one who just came through was barefoot. I guess he thinks the whole “no shirt no shoes no service” thing doesn’t apply when he’s jonesin’ for nudie mags.

well thats’s enough typing with my thumbs on a tiny phone keyboard for tonight. real blog posts with PICTURES (!!!) will be coming soon. until thenn make sure to follow me on twitter (http://www.twitter.com/josiejacobs) for you daily josie jacobs fix.

no time to blog… to busy with other projects so here are some pictures to hold you over until i’m free again!







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