vlog #6

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Alas, this is my final AVN video blog, taken while the rest of the crew was busy interviewing stars on the red carpet.

I’ll be recording a new batch of vlogs while in in LA next week while we shoot the first POPPORN movie, and hopefully Mr. Brian Bangs will be a little more timely when it comes to posting them on the youtube.

i know it’s a day early… but here is my gift to you, internet:

and guess what… i’m POPPORN.com’s official valentine. click here to read the whole article :)

a certain mr. andy (aka m00kie10) sent me to treats from my amazon.com wishlist and they came in the mail this week!



hello kitty undies & the special edition hardcover Ghost World!


i wish i could post more but i’ve been crazy busy this week. hopefully after saturday my life will slow down a little and i’ll be able to post other things besides youtube videos and panty shots! ha!

vlog #5

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POPPORN.com surprised me yesterday by posting my 5th (only one more to go) vlog from the AVN awards.

It was friday night and I was very tired. So tired that I make weird faces and don’t always make much sense. Stay tuned for #6 in which I vlog from the bathtub. And then after that you don’t have to sit through any more of my boring vlogs until I go to LA at the end of the month.

my weekend

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i know it’s hard to believe, but my whole life isn’t TOTALLY overtaken with porno-related things. sometimes josie jacobs is a normal girl who goes out to the arcade to play skee-ball and super-shot, gets bagel sammiches for breakfast, and visits a classic car auction to oogle cars she cannot yet afford.

i forgot i had my video camera with me until the end of my walk-thru of the auction floor so i can’t show you the Fiat Jolly with brand-new wicker seats, the zebra painted VW Thing, the Mercedes-Benz 300SL gullwing coupes or the De Tomaso Mangusta i am now completely in love with. however, you can take a peek at sonny & cher’s matching mustangs with fur interior and a 1910 buick horseless carriage.

don’t forget to click through to watch in HD

…and if for some unkown reason you don’t care for cars as much as i do, here is a picture of my butt to tide you over until i post pictures tomorrow of the new hello kitty panties andy-aka m00kie10-purchased for me from my amazon wishlist.

lollipop lollipop Oh lolli lolli lolli lollipop lollipop!

lollipop lollipop oh lolli lolli lolli lollipop lollipop!

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