A little while ago someone asked me on formspring if I would post a picture of me wearing a strap-on. I replied that I didn’t have one but if they really wanted to see the picture they could always purchase one for me from my amazon wishlist. I sort of forgot about it and then [...]

I got some awesome Hello Kitty undies in the mail in the past 2 weeks from two of my twitter followers.
@dickymathews got me this awesome bra and panty combo set. They fit me perfectly and are so comfy… I’m actually wearing them now as I write this blog!

I recorded this bad boy yesterday…

Phoenix Askani turns 21 today and in honor of this momentous occasion I am posting some presents for both you and her.
For Phoenix… some shots of me in my undies!

And for you (well I guess the undies shots were for you too!)… a super sneak peak at Phoenix’s super-sexy photoset with Joanna Angel, previously only [...]

I come home from work on Sunday to find this little dude, a belated birthday gift, swimming around in the aquarium on my kitchen counter (previously home to Marvin Gaye-fish, and the unnamed suicidal betta, both RIP). Little Fatty, as he is affectionately named, is the plumpest (and perhaps stupidest, as he prefers to mostly [...]

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