So… I’ve had a crush on Phoenix for a while now and I think it’s about time the rest of the world started swooning over her too!

You may remember Phoenix as the winner of POPPORN’s “Twitter Tits” contest. Well, since then she’s traveled to Porn Valley, CA to shoot some hot smut for the fine folks over at Burning Angel. Lucky for you, I happen to be friends with Joanna Angel and she gave me permission to give you guys some exclusive pictures from Phoenix’s very first set on Burning Angel, previously only seen my site members. And to top it off I even interviewed Phoenix myself so you can get to know this amazing girl a little better!



more pictures and my exclusive interview with Phoenix are after the jump…

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Mark your calendar and plan your road trip to Philly cause throwing a free screening of our epic 1st movie “The Guide to Making Fuck” on July 30th and the party is being hosted by Gianna!!!

Can you believe it? It’s finally here! The release of’s first feature length adult, pornographic, XXX movie. Appropriately titled, POPPORN - THE GUIDE TO MAKING FUCK this sucker hits streets on July 14th via our good friends at Zero Tolerance, your go to team for all things sexy!

Since it’s our first film and all, we thought it best to host a little screening of this here fuck flick right in our hometown of Philadelphia, PA! That’s right, if you live near us or are gonna be around stop on out! One of our favorite adult stars, GIANNA MICHAELS will be hosting the event. Your favorite POPPORN Girls will be there as well along with the whole POPPORN staff.

More importantly, shit be FREE!

So come on out, we’d love to see you!

WHEN: Thursday, July 30th @ 9PM

Music by DJ Julian SPRCS

On sale until 7/14 for just $15.99

Whether you’re interested in learning some new (and sometimes crazy) sexual positions or the idea of Sims having sex really turns your crank, the sex position guide over at Sex Info 101 is definitely worth checking out.

Here are some of the stranger positions I found while checking out the site…

I’m not exactly sure how this one would work. Erect penises aren’t known for being particularly bendy.

I guess this one is for when you want to be as far away from your partner’s face while banging…

I don’t think I’ve ever dated anyone strong enough to pull this move off for more than 30 seconds or so. I’d probably so worried about cracking my head open it really wouldn’t be worth trying, anyways.

This one isn’t so weird as it is inspirational to me. I’m currently pretty inflexible but I’m slowly working on it by tryng to remember to stretch every day. One day I will be bendy enough that looking at this position won’t make me wince.

Nothing makes me happier than getting goodies in the mail and last week I lucky enough to receive some early birthday gifts from two of my twitter pals!


@RobotMunky sent me a big padded envelope of some awesome books to borrow and some super cute bookmarks too!In a matter of days I devoured “Bonk” (great book! it’s still on my wishlist cause i’d love to own a copy) and “Dork Whore”. I’m about halfway done with “Naked Ambition”.  Joanna Angel’s chapter is really great, but the rest of the book seems a little dated. Regardless, it is still a fun read. I haven’t spent this much time reading books in a very long time; it’s been a nice break of the tv and internet I’d been wasting my time with. Thanks a lot @RobotMunky… I really appreciate all the book’s and I’ll be sending out a package to you tomorrow!


@HILTLP sent me this AMAZING dress by Tokidoki. I’m so in love with it! The print is so adorable: smiling clouds listening to headphones and little carton angels and devils. I already have 2 Tokidoki by Le Sportsac purses and some Tokidoki toys sitting on my desk so it’s safe to say I’m a little obsessed! I have to take it to the tailor though before I wear it out of the house. I’m really an extra small when it comes to clothes but most companies don’t make my size. Oh well…. Thanks again @HILTLP!!!! I love the dress so freakin’ much!

My birthday is in just a little more than 2 weeks so hopefully I’ll be getting some more treats in the mail! If you feel like sending me a little b-day love, my wishlist is over here and gift cards to my favorite shops – Sephora, Forever21, & Victoria’s Secret can be sent to josie(at)josiejacobs(com)com!

Oh an in case you missed it yesterday on, here’s a picture of me doing my best “Megan Fox” impersonation.

click the pic to get to the hi-res version

Hey world… we are pretty freakin’ lucky… In the past 3 days Baby Sinead (Burning Angel girl and uber-blogger) has posted not one but TWO totally awesome brand new photosets of one of my favorite girls in the world (and yours too – she’s one of the top search keywords of my site), the amazing Miss Stevie Hart!

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