I was thrilled to receive The Couture Collection Inspire “personal massager” to review – I am a big fan of high-powered vibes (I’m a busy girl and sometimes I  just want to get off quickly!) and I was really curious if a toy this small could really pack in all the power of the “famous wand style vibrator” *cough*Hitachi Magic Wand*cough* that I am a big fan of. So read on and find out if the dainty Inspire can hang with the big boys!

Like the rest of the Couture Collection toys the Inspire comes in a nice looking box that doesn’t scream “OMG I’M A VIBRATOR!”. Included in the box along with the toy are the power adapter (with about a 6′ cord) and a safety instruction sheet that reminds you to “use common sense with using this product” (heh heh), among other things. Don’t let the packaging fool you – even though the box has a water design on the front and sides (the rest of the Couture line is waterproof), you definitely want to keep the Inspire away from water since it gets plugged directly into the wall and such.

Yay, a new toy for Josie!

The Inspire has a lot going for it – First of all it is super easy to use. It just has 1 button; hold it down to increase the speed and then press it once more to turn it off quickly. It also  has a nice range of speeds, starting off barely as a tickle and at its highest it was mindblowing and got me off very quickly. I definitely didn’t expect it at first glance, but after testing it out I think the Inspire is possibly even stronger than the classic Magic Wand. Due to the power packed inside, the Inspire is quite noisy – a loud, high-pitched hum. It is not really a problem for me but if you live with roommates or have paper-thin walls you will definitely have to turn up the stereo or the tv to mask any noises the vibe (and you!) will make.

The Inspire looks so tiny compared to a Magic Wand!

Size-wise, the Inspire is just about 7.5″ long. It doesn’t take up much room so it would be perfect for traveling. The flexible vibrating head is just a little smaller than a golf ball, making it easy to use with a partner or another toy. I find larger wand-style vibes tend to get in the way too much while playing with a partner but I have used the Inspire during sex without any problems.

So handy! The silicone cover pops off for easy cleaning.

Cleaning the Inspire is a little trickier than some other toys in my collection, but is definitely in no way a a deal-breaker. The premium silicone cover pops off quickly to be washed in the sink but since the rest of the vibe is not waterproof I would suggest cleaning it with antibacterial toy wipes to be on the safe side.

All in all, I am very impressed with the Couture Collection Inspire. I was not expecting much power from such a tiny wand, but boy was I wrong! The Inspire now has a new place in my heart and on my nightstand. ^_^

Rechargeable discreet massager with a smooth texture.You can buy the Inspire on EdenFantasys.com for $85.99 – a little pricey, I know, but in my opinion totally worth it!

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  1. OddDuckie on June 1, 2010 7:22 pm

    Is that a slight hint of areola in those pics?


    josie jacobs's reply:

    Sorry to burst your bubble but I’m pretty sure that was just a weird shadow going on. My nips were kept safe and sound under my bra during all picture-taking events. I have tons of pictures of hot girls topless on the site, though, if you are really dying to see some areola. just take a gander through the archives or search for “free porn”.


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