Bup’s Crush Report: Miss Ladie Lane

22 Sep

My good pal Bup IMed me today, asking me to do him a favor. “Tell Joanna to make Riot Grrrls 2 streaming so I can buy it and watch my porn crush Ladie Lane.”

Josie: so tell me some stuff about ladie lane and why you like her
Bup: well other than the fact that she is super pretty with awesome lips she is a cool person, she has a down to earth attitude and seemes genuinely interested in what her fans have to say about and to her.
Bup: she does cam stuff for sinstercams.com and encourages her fans to come on even to just say hi. she seems to actually enjoy what she does, which (at least I think) a lot of people in this career don’t
Bup: so yeah basically she is a cool girl and has awesome tits

I haven’t had a chance to ask Joanna when the movie will be available for streaming, so I decided to post some pictures of Ladie (and her awesome tits) from her 1st Burning Angel set in honor of Bup.

as always, click the pictures to get to the full high-res gallery


Retail Therapy

21 Sep

Last week I had a bit of a bad day at work. After my shift was over I was feeling bummed so I indulged myself in a little bit of retail therapy.  New lingerie never fails at cheering me up!

Joanna Angel’s Evil Doppelganger

27 Aug

The last time I saw my friend Joanna Angel, super hot lady and empress of the Burning Angel punk porn empire, was at The AVN Show, an porn industry-only convention that was held earlier this month in Hollywood, Florida. I was there to meet with the toy suppliers for my porn shop and Joanna was there to speak on a ton of different panels ’cause she is super hot AND super smart. Since we were both kinda busy I wasn’t expecting that we’d get to hang out much, but luckily we ran into each other poolside after all the businessy things had been completed and we got to “ho down” (aka my new made up term for ladies ‘bro-ing down’) for part of the evening.

“ho-in’ down” at the Westin Diplomat pool

We talked about a ton of stuff, including one of her newest movies, Doppelganger, which is about Joanna and her evil blow-up doll. Filming a movie where the co-star is an inanimate object makes for some funny stories… like how she had to cut up a doll and make a suit out of it so someone could put it on and wear it when they had to film the doll doing things, like the scene with the straw in the trailer.

Doppelganger is available for purchase now at the Burning Angel store and stars Joanna Angel, Phoenix Askani, Jiz Lee, Asphyxia, newbie angel Arabelle Raphael, and Sparky Sin Claire.

click the pictures to see the covers in hi-res

And speaking of Joanna Angel’s doppelganger... In ’08 I was working the Miami Exxxotica convention for Burning Angel, being Joanna’s assistant (aka drink grabber, money-taker, dvd unwrapper, etc). I ended up manning the booth by myself for a little bit while Joanna was speaking at a panel. While she was gone I had tons of guys come up to the booth asking if I was her (…mind you, there was a giant poster with Joanna’s picture and name right behind me). We are both Jews with kinda long dark-ish hair but that is basically where the resemblance ends. Sometimes people aren’t very observant! You can read an old blog entry (w/ lots of pictures) about Exxxotica ’08 over yonder at POPPORN.com

The Human Sexipede… yeah, really!

12 Aug

Yup, it is true. It seems there is nothing you CAN’T make a porn parody of!

A few days ago Tom Byron Pictures announced that they were joining the rest of porn-world by shooting a parody of their own directed by Lee Roy Myers, the man who brought you The Big Lebowski: A XXX Parody, Seinfeld: A XXX Parody, The Breakfast Club: A XXX Parody, etc etc etc.

Based on the internet meme and totally gross movie about people being sewn ass-to-mouth that I refused to watch, The Human Centipede (available for preorder a TLARaw), The Human Sexipede stars Sunny Lane, Amber Rayne, Danica Dillan, Tom Byron and sexy asian man Kenni Styles. Filming just wrapped in LA and the fine folks at AVN.com scored us the first shots from the set.

Click on the pics to get to the full gallery!

Cartoon Josie!

11 Aug

Lookie, here.. It’s me in cartoon-form!

click the picture to see it full-size!

Big thanks to Juan for this awesome belated birthday present! You can check out more of his work (he is an amazing artist) at juanmanimation.blogspot.com and roundtableanimation.com.

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