Between going away to DC for the weekend (the trip was great… I ate a ton of delicious food and did some shopping in Georgetown), work at the porn shop, work at home, and Gettin my house ready for my friend Katy to visit this weekend for my birthday I’ve barely had any time to blog. I’m sorry! I have to go to the airport in less than an hour to pick up my friend so I don’t have time for a ful fledged blog but whatever..

While I was flying to DC my friend Scott Steele at Club 1985 posted a blog about how he has a crush on me. How sweet! Check it out here! Thank you Scott… you rock!

Anyways, a couple months ago the POPPORN guys went back to LA (and left me at home!) to film their second movie, a parody of called TM Sleaze. EvolvedNovelties has started uploading teasers of the scenes up on youtube and they are really great… not to mention Brian Bangs looks completely rediculous in that blonde wig!

And TLA extended their sale on POPPORN: The Guide To Making Fuck. It’s just $15.99 (60% off!) if you order it by Tuesday the 21st so you should probably do that!

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  1. Fad23 on July 16, 2009 1:19 pm

    Who the heck doesn’t have a big crush on Josie Jacobs?


  2. Eric on July 22, 2009 6:04 am

    Man i love all the parody skin flicks coming out these days. Funny stuff.


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