first, let’s start off with the good stuff:

1. my porn-valley police blotter blog post totally worked and the LA cops found joanna angel’s escalade… minus the rims, steering wheel, and navigation system but that’s small potatoes in the long run! yay for joanna!

2. my 2nd surgery on friday to fix what had gone wrong with my 1st one the friday before (that’s what i was talking about in my audio-less video blog) went well and I’ve been feeling pretty good so far. only time will tell how it actually went but i’m keeping my fingers and toes crossed that i won’t need a 3rd surgery. two is quite enough for me, someone who had never had a medical problem more serious than a cut needing some stitches until all this drama started a few weeks ago. (i got hit in the face with a surfboard last summer…. it’s a long story but here is a picture!)

stitchesclick the pic to see it bigger

3. the official cover art for POPPPORN: THE GUIDE TO MAKING FUCK was released last week and it looks totally killer… and remember, it’s only $15.99 for the 2 disc set if you order before july 14th.


again… click the pic to see it in it all huge-style

4. i’m going back to work tonight! it’s gonna be my first shift since last monday. hopefully there will be some crazy customers since i really owe POPPORN a new dispatch and i will make a ton of money cause josie is b-r-o-k-e!

5. my birthday is in less than a month (july 20th!). i’m turning 22, which isn’t really a huge deal, but my bff  since 2nd grade who i haven’t seen in over a year is visiting for my b-day weekend and i am really really psyched! there gonna be lots of beach hangouts, ice cream eating, margarita drinking, and hopefully some photo-shooting cause she is a really awesome photographer.

and here is the bad news:

my beloved betta fish, marvin gaye, joined his namesake up in that big fishbowl in the sky today. he had been acting despondent for the past month or so and he was not as bright and colorful and active as normal. despite water changes, medicine, a new plant, etc etc he did not get better. he died sometime between midnight and noon and i flushed him to his watery grave just a few minutes ago.

0621081501 R.I.P. marvin. you will be missed. :(

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8 Comments so far

  1. Butterman on June 23, 2009 2:22 pm

    RIP M.G.; we’ll all meet up one of these days


  2. baby sinead on June 23, 2009 2:26 pm

    My Triops died yesterday. Not a good week for aquatic pets! Rip your fishy and feel better


    josie jacobs's reply:

    seriously! i’m sorry about your triops. my last betta lived for 5 years so i am really bummed that mr. gaye only made it a year. :(


  3. Eric Boderick on June 23, 2009 2:57 pm

    My condolences to your fishy!


    josie jacobs's reply:

    aww thanks! i think i’m gonna pick up a new fish this weekend. my kitchen just isn’t the same without a betta.


  4. japanesedudegirl on June 24, 2009 1:15 pm

    scars are cool


    josie jacobs's reply:

    i have to agree. i think the facial scars make me look pretty tough, like i got in a knife fight or something! ha!


    fco's reply:

    i was going to say the same thing:
    scars are sexy. i wonder if it’s because it shows you can afford pain… or if it’s because imperfections makes you look more real and interesting (scars are always a good theme for start a conversation)


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