A little while ago someone asked me on formspring if I would post a picture of me wearing a strap-on. I replied that I didn’t have one but if they really wanted to see the picture they could always purchase one for me from my amazon wishlist. I sort of forgot about it and then [...]

Really… it does!  Didn’t anyone at Atlantis, a Portuguese company that specializes in religious glass and crystal art realize that this 9.5″ lead crystal “sculpture” looks less like the Virgin Mary and more like something you might pick up in a sex shop?

If you like mixing religion with your sex life, might I suggest Divine [...]

I don’t normally read Cosmopolitan magazine, but if I’m stuck in a waiting room or something like that and there is an issue of Cosmo lying around I’ll definitely read it, mainly for their hilariously stupid and sometimes just plain bad sex tips. Sometimes I wonder if the writers at Cosmo even have sex? If [...]

Want to know how to make sure you please Penthouse Pet Ryan Keely in bed? Well today’s your lucky day. She’s written a little guide of the top 9 mistakes guys have made in bed and gives you some easy tips on how to make things right!
1 . Not making sandwiches.
After a nice orgasm (or [...]

I took this video at the AEE convention last year in Vegas. I had some free time so I wandered the conference floor, filming all the weird stuff I saw with my little camera when I stumbled across this gem. I’m not quite sure how it happened, since the noise at AEE was almost deafening [...]

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