Between going away to DC for the weekend (the trip was great… I ate a ton of delicious food and did some shopping in Georgetown), work at the porn shop, work at home, and Gettin my house ready for my friend Katy to visit this weekend for my birthday I’ve barely had any time to [...]

no time for a real blog post today… i’m going away for the weekend to see my family tomorrow and i’m a horrible procrastinator who put off packing until the last minute. i’m still not done and i have to leave for work in like 45 minutes. hopefully i’ll have the chance to write up [...]

I was feeling lazy yesterday… too lazy to type up a blog entry so I decided to just make a video blog instead. So yeah, now you can watch me talk instead of just reading whnat I had to say. Exciting! I know!
And again… big thanks to Royal Family Clothing (@areyouroyalty) for the awesome shirt. [...]

So… I’ve had a crush on Phoenix for a while now and I think it’s about time the rest of the world started swooning over her too!
You may remember Phoenix as the winner of POPPORN’s “Twitter Tits” contest. Well, since then she’s traveled to Porn Valley, CA to shoot some hot smut for the fine [...]

Mark your calendar and plan your road trip to Philly cause throwing a free screening of our epic 1st movie “The Guide to Making Fuck” on July 30th and the party is being hosted by Gianna!!!

Can you believe it? It’s finally here! The release of’s first feature length adult, pornographic, XXX movie. Appropriately [...]

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