These pictures were taken especially for my friend Bup as a bit of a thank you present. He is a huge fan of Gianna (and her huge boobs) and he had bought me some treats from my wishlist for me right before I went to LA…. and when I got home my presents were waiting [...]

I didn’t have a very exciting weekend. My sleep schedule is still really fucked up and ruined my plans of going to the beach so the only things I really did all weekend were go to a kind of lame keg party (totally not my thing) and see Watchmen, finally.
I didn’t read the book, so [...]

BurningAngel’s MistiDawn (who is one of the sweetest girls I know) and I were talking about the weird things I’ve sold while working at the porno store when she showed me a link to on the the most mind-blowingly awesome “adult” products I’ve ever seen…

Yeah… seriously! Sold by Chinese sex toy site, Gigimo, the [...]


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When I was in LA I decided to get my makeup done the last day of shooting by the MUA who had been on set. “Something cute,” I told her “maybe some pinks eyeshadow and some blush.” Oh, no no no, I got a full face of porn makeup aka whorepaint (get it!?).
This is was [...]

My sleep schedule has been extra fucked-up ever since I got back from LA and the time change we had on Friday definitely didn’t help out with that. Last night was the absolute worst… I was up past 5:30, just laying in bed (almost getting pushed off a few times by my sleeping bedmate) and [...]

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