Night Shift

28 Oct

Night Shift

It was a slow night at the porn shop, and with Halloween a few days away we had a lot of costumes lying around. Dave and I looked at pictures of kitten online, ate a lot of cookies, and decided to play dress-up to pass the time.

The Jewish Nun.

Gay Zorro, or something…

my desktop

23 Oct

my desktop

Besides working at the porn shop, I spend a good 6+ hours a day working from home for my pals at BurningAngel as the street team coordinator. I decided last week to totally overhaul the desktop on my computer in order to help me use my time wisely, and so far it really has helped.

annotated desktop

(click to enlarge)

First, I installed RocketDock which put that fancy little bar at the bottom of my screen sort of like a knock-off Mac. I added all my recently used programs and folders to the dock and installed 2 “docklets” (sort of like extensions in firefox) to make my life easier: the Stacks dockelt which give me that fan effect like people who are running Leopard have, and the Battery Meter so I could see how my battery is doing when I’m not plugged in at my desk. I had to design my own icon set for the Battery Meter because the one that came with it didn’t match my setup. I’m using the “HUD_dock_port” for the look of the dock and “Ecqlipse ver. 2” and “Porn Needs You” icon sets. (You can find all that stuff on

After Rocketdock was all set up I installed Samurize to give me that display on the right-hand side. I modified a pre-made config file, “Enigma” (which you can download from the Samurize site), and set it up to display the date and time, my To-Do list for BA (which is just a *.txt file that I can edit whenever I want), what is currently playing on iTunes, and some basic system monitoring info on the bottom.

I finished off by cleaning up all unnecessary icons on my desktop and moving the Windows taskbar to the top and hiding it. I can access the taskbar by hovering or (as i more commonly do) pressing the windows key on my keyboard. I’m running Vista Home Premium and use the Instant Search bar to type in whatever programs i want to open that aren’t on my dock.

I found by getting rid of the clutter, keeping my To-Do list visible and putting all the programs I use daily in my Dock I get a lot more done during my day. And it looks really pretty too!

“Josie Jacob’s Boobs”

22 Oct

Joanna Angel: i’m looking at the BA stats

Joanna Angel: like what people typed into google to get to the site

Joanna Angel: and a few people have typed in “josie jacobs boobs”

Joanna Angel: people are coming to ba looking for your boobs!

Me: hahahaha

Me: that’s crazy

me: i didn’t know i was that popular

Joanna Angel: yeah

Joanna Angel: i mean, it was like 6 people

Joanna Angel: hahahaha

Joanna Angel: but it is more than “mitch fontaine”

Me: haha i’m more popular than mitch

Me: take that!

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