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Bup’s Crush Report: Miss Ladie Lane

22 Sep

My good pal Bup IMed me today, asking me to do him a favor. “Tell Joanna to make Riot Grrrls 2 streaming so I can buy it and watch my porn crush Ladie Lane.”

Josie: so tell me some stuff about ladie lane and why you like her
Bup: well other than the fact that she is super pretty with awesome lips she is a cool person, she has a down to earth attitude and seemes genuinely interested in what her fans have to say about and to her.
Bup: she does cam stuff for and encourages her fans to come on even to just say hi. she seems to actually enjoy what she does, which (at least I think) a lot of people in this career don’t
Bup: so yeah basically she is a cool girl and has awesome tits

I haven’t had a chance to ask Joanna when the movie will be available for streaming, so I decided to post some pictures of Ladie (and her awesome tits) from her 1st Burning Angel set in honor of Bup.

as always, click the pictures to get to the full high-res gallery


Retail Therapy

21 Sep

Last week I had a bit of a bad day at work. After my shift was over I was feeling bummed so I indulged myself in a little bit of retail therapy.  New lingerie never fails at cheering me up!